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Gijs Pape & Markus Lindfeld – Salon #16

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gijs Pape & Markus Lindfeld
Salon #16 – Captured

organized by Stichting PEK at Temporary Art Center, Eindhoven

Opening Friday 2 September 2011 at 8.30pm
Saturday & Sunday 3-4 & 10-11 September 1 – 5pm

Vonderweg 1
NL- 5611 BK Eindhoven

in the exhibition is also on show the edition
Gijs Pape – Object I, 2010 – silkscreen in 2 colours on aluminium, 68,6 x 32,2 0,2 cm
published by Peter Foolen Editions

Peter Foolen Editions – PA/PER View art book fair

Peter Foolen Editions
will be part of
PA/PER VIEW art book fair @ Onomatopee

PA/PER VIEW is a book fair showcasing independent art publishing in Europe, organized by MER. Paper Kunsthalle, Gent. The fair is held annual at Wiels, Brussels and occasionally on other locations, last year in London. This year the fair is held this year in Eindhoven at Onomatopee on occasion of the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. Among other participants are Afterall, Gagarin, Galerie West, Mousse, Ditto Press, Espen Krukhaug, Casco, Fillip

Opening Friday 28 October 6-9pm
Saturday & Sunday 29 – 30 October 12-6pm

Bleekstraat 23
NL – 5611 VB Eindhoven

Being A Sophomore And All...

So, College: Round 2 has started. What does this mean?


1. I Have A Car! And that means I'll be able to get to the theatre a lot more. So, while I only saw three new releases last year when I wasn't on a break, I will be able to be much better at keeping up with the trends, and the reviews will come fast and furious. So, I will see Contagion. I will see Moneyball. I will see The Ides of March, Immortals, and Drive. Keep you posted.

2. French! One of the requirements for my Intermediate French class is to see one film a week. One French film, to be precise. Lucky for me, the teacher never said what sort of film. So, expect reviews of classic art house flicks, but also expect reviews of guilty pleasures and French action films. Ever wanted to know what I though of Brotherhood of the Wolf? You'll find out soon enough.

3. Keeping My Expectations About Myself in Check! Some of you may remember how, earlier in the year, I tried to do the whole posting everyday thing. Well, that proved to be too much of a hassle, but it taught me a valuable lesson: I need to calm down! So, you won't be seeing posts every day. Instead, I'm going to try and post things that are worth it. So, reviews, articles, lists, and things of that nature. I'm going to bring According to the Movies back at some point. I just need to think of lessons. Also, this term, I'm not acting in a production, but directing one, which is going to eat up a huge chunk of my time. Quality over quantity is the name of the game now. Play with me?

Looking forward to it folks. Also, nothing's been set in stone, but I'm working on a certain something that will drop in January. Hint: It involves a little town in Utah.

You're excited now, aren't ya!

I know he is!

LAMBcast #81: There's Something Around the Corner

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ugh. Nature sucks! Not only was the weather on Sunday shitty to Olympian levels, but I've been without power for a good chunk of time. I'm sitting in the library right now, leeching juice from the backup generators. That's also why you didn't see any CC over at Man, I Love Films.

Seriously! Fuck nature!

But, whatever man. Keep on truckin'. That's what I say. Here's something to hold you over whilst I think of something interesting to say here. LAMBcast #81 saw myself, Dylan, Nick, Tom, and Sam discussing the upcoming movie season, ranting and raving about certain things (hear Tom make me feel all guilty about complaining about what I thought was an expensive movie ticket in San Francisco), and close up with some Last Lamb Standing (I was EVIL. It was awesome! You'll see). Enjoy!

herman de vries – Galerie Wit

Monday, August 29, 2011

herman de vries – fragments

herman de vries – fragments

a book by herman de vries, to be published by Peter Foolen Editions in September 2011
with photographs of a collection of 25 natural fragments from the Nördlicher Steigerwald, Eschenau
printed in offset-lithography by Lecturis, Eindhoven
56 pages, 16,5 x 21 cm
designed by herman de vries and Peter Foolen
published in an edition of 300 numbered copies and a special edition of 17 copies, with enclosed an oak leaf from Eschenau on cardboard, signed and numbered by the artist

image oak leaf from eschenau, enclosed in a letter from herman de vries, august 2011

herman de vries 80

on ocassion of the 80th Birthday of herman de vries this year (11 July 2011) there are several exhibitions of his work curated

herman de vries: homogeen & heterogeen
21 August – 11 September 2011
Galerie Wit
Hamelakkerlaan 38
NL – 6703 EK Wageningen

herman de vries 80, nul=zero & contemporaries
group show with works from the 60' and 70's by herman de vries & contemporaries
9 September – 8 October 2011
Art Affairs
Veemkade 354
NL – 1019 HD Amsterdam

to be / herman de vries / verzamelingen
9 September 2011 – 8 January 2012
Rijksmuseum Twenthe
Lasondersingel 129-131
NL – 7514 BP Enschede

see for more info, other exhibitions and new publications in 2011:

photograph © herman de vries, Art Affairs, Amsterdam
herman de vries - untitled (gemüsekiste), 1960, collage on paper, 30 x 40 cm

Your Sunday Funny #20

Sunday, August 28, 2011

herman de vries – i am

herman de vries – i am

9 – 25 September 2011

Kunstvereniging Diepenheim
Grotestraat 17
7478 AA Diepenheim

curated by Cees de Boer with herman de vries.
There are also installations of herman de vries in gardens and the landscape on several sites around Diepenheim, see www.kunstvereniging.nl
a multiple by herman de vries is published in an edition of 36 copies, homage to james lee byars, gold on oak wood, available for € 450 at Kunstvereniging Diepenheim

Post from Peter Liversidge, USA V

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Four objects from Peter Liversidge arrived, all on one day - Tuesday 23 August, carefully delivered by the postman, from the USA

Trailer Trash: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's time to root through some trailers. What sorts of wonderful things will be alluded to today?

The first Ghost Rider is one of the worst comic book movies ever. No easy feat, when you put it in perspective, so any news of a sequel, for me, was met with almost obscene trepidation. Now, I am still counting on this sucking, and sucking hard. Nic Cage alone almost guarantees that, but there is something working in its favor and it goes by a three worded name.

Neveldine and Taylor.

Oh yes. The guys who made the absurdly entertaining Crank movies are back, bringing their own strand of social justice or whatever it is that they do to Marvel's demonic badass. Crank was a pretty ridiculous, if formulaic, action film, and Crank 2 single handedly threw up the biggest finger to mainstream action films ever! Who knows? Maybe Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance will be passable. The trailer shows off more interesting action in its 2 minutes than was in the whole first movie, and that image at the end of Nic Cage pissing fire is weirdly awesome.


Monkeys! Damn!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This is gonna be a quickie. I was on a red eye to Florida last night and didn't sleep a wink. You don't mind.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is awesome! So much better than it had any right to be, this is a surprisingly thought provoking and touching retooling of the long running franchise. The marketing would have you believe that the humans, headed up by James Franco, are the main players, but you'd be wrong. Here, the monkey's take center stage, and run away with the whole thing. For the first time in the entire history of the franchise, the apes are purely CGI, no stupid make up needed. And, damn is it good CGI. We've come a long way since Gollum, and it's only fitting that the same man who made us believe that that jewel obsessed gremlin could exist takes the lead here. Andy Serkis, as main ape Caesar, is great. I know the academy won't go for it, but give this man an Oscar already. His performance here is soooo much better than most things to come out of humans this year. What action there is is fun and visceral, the script is well written, and the references to the past films are well handled. It's been doing well, so you've probably already seen Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but if you haven't, get to the theatre now. It's not like there's anything else worth checking out.


There Goes the Neighborhood!

Monday, August 22, 2011

It's the Dog Days of Summer, my friends. Now that July has passed and the two or three BIG movies have come out, the time has come for... nothing. That's right. Almost nothing of consequence comes out in this period of four weeks, leaving you, the intrepid, cinematic explorer, flapping in the wind. But, every so often, this month does yield interesting results. Two years ago, we had District 9 and (500) Days of Summer. Last year, we had Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. This year, we have Fright Night. Ok, yes, I know. Horror remake and all that, and yes, I know what sort of pedigree that dastardly sub-genre carries. But, take it from me, Fright Night delivers. This is a hip, stylish, gory, funny as balls retooling of the 1985 cult classic. Boasting strong performances from some über talented people, a slick presentation, a smart sense of humor and self-deprecation, and plenty of blood to go around, Fright Night is one hell of good time. 

I vant to... you know the rest. 

Man, the suburbs are sad. But, whatever. I'm not one to judge. Live where you want, even if it is a shitSORRY!! Not judging. Anyway, there's Charlie. He's your average high school senior, with a solid home life, smoking hot girlfriend, and a pack of friends. He also happens to have a vampire living next door. Said vampire, Jerry, is all charming and suave, but as Charlie begins to investigate a little bit, he discovers Jerry's sinister habit. Once his family and friends are threatened by his demonic neighbor, Charlie enlists the help of an over the top Vegas showman, Peter Vincent, who specializes in the occult, to deal with the bloodsucking pest, because going to the Neighborhood Watch isn't good enough for today's youth, I guess. 

What makes Fright Night (the original and the remake) refreshing is how it takes the vampire mythos, modernizes it, but keeps the rules the same. So all the usual vampire tropes are here, stakes, holy water, garlic, sunlight, the whole she-bang! But modernizing makes it feel new again. Yes, the story is sort of predictable, but there are more than enough twists and surprises in the road to keep things suspenseful and interesting. 

The cast here would be considered solid for any flick, and it's absolutely loaded for a horror remake. Anton Yelchin does well as Charlie, as does Toni Collette as his mother. Imogen Poots, who you may remember from 28 Weeks Later... is fine, though she needs to work on her accent. Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Charlie's friend Evil Ed (Hint: He's evil!) is alright, but he's doing the same thing he's been doing since Fogell!

There are two standouts however. Colin Farrell is simply awesome as Jerry! I've always been sort of a Farrell apologist; I think he's incredibly talented, but he just makes some pretty stupid decisions. But, as of late, he's been doing better and better things, and he is on fire here! He plays Jerry like a smooth, aggressive alpha male, and it is fantastic. He handles his absurdly creepy dialogue like a champ, and sucks blood like Robert Pattinson wishes he could. And man, does that guy know how to eat an apple! So delicious. 

And then there's The Doctor! Yes, everyone's favorite Time Lord goes sleazy and goth as Peter Vincent, and let me tell you, David Tennant owns the whole thing! Every scene he's in immediately shifts focus to him, whether it wants to or not. A lot of the quirks of his iconic role come through here, not the least of which is his elongated "Well", but Tennant isn't on repeat. He makes the character completely his own, and delivers a inspired piece of lunacy! It doesn't hurt that some of his lines would make The Doctor blush. I don't think you ever heard him talk to Rose or Donna about how "filthy" some girl he slept with was. Ah, the life of a Vegas showman. 

See what happens to me when you take away my TARDIS?

Director Craig Gillespie crafts and effective and stylish flick here, ably mixing gut busting comedy with scares. Fright Night isn't a satirization of beloved horror genre, like Sean of the Dead, and it's not as funny, but what's here is great. The dialogue crackles and pops, with the actors handling the whiz-bang nature of their lines like pros. It's like the horror movie Jennifer's Body would be, if Jennifer's Body wasn't a big pile of ASS!! The comedy is inspired and very well done, and is balanced out nicely by a hefty amount of stylized gore and violence. 

I'm sorry, but seeing The Doctor pull out a gun that fires big-ass stakes and use it on a bunch of vampires is a really satisfying image! 

Unfortunately, there is one flaw that would normally sink a movie such as this, provided that everything else wasn't sooooo good! It's not scary enough. Sure, Jerry is an intimidating force to be reckoned with, and his scenes where he just stands there leering are pretty chilling, but when the action picks up, it's more fun than terrifying. There are some jumps, and a couple of "Oh Damn!" moments, but you won't be getting any nightmares from this one. 

But who cares, because if there's one word I want you to take away from that last paragraph, it's fun. Fright Night is really fun! Really funny, really gory, and with really good performances! Though Farrell and Tennant run away with the movie, everyone else should still be proud of the work they put in. Let me tell you. Given the state of horror remakes these days, what with Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and Halloween being the stinkers that they are, it is a real pleasure to see one rise above the others and strive (and succeed) to be a good movie that rides on more than its nostalgia. Fright Night, I salute you!

House Falls Beautiful: Photographs by Nancy Wilson Fulton

House Falls Beautiful: Photographs by Nancy Wilson Fulton

19 August – 18 September 2011

Tides Institute & Museum of Art
43 Water Street
Eastport, Maine
04631 USA

exhibition title is from a poem by Adriana Jacobs
image invitationcard, Nancy Wilson Fulton – The Lake, 2011, digital photograph

Your Sunday Funny #19

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The amino acid alphabet

Friday, August 19, 2011

Amino acid alphabet soup

Via Astrobiology Magazine, 8/19/11

All living creatures on this planet use the same 20 amino acids, even though there are hundreds available in nature. Scientists therefore have wondered if life could have arisen based on a different set of amino acids. And what's more, could life exist elsewhere that utilizes an alternate collection of building blocks?

It really is rather remarkable that such a small subset of possible amino acids make up (almost) all the proteins in every known living organism on the planet. What enforces this strict discipline is the fact that all life forms on Earth use the same genetic code – a remarkable fact in itself – and this code does not specify any amino acids other than the same 20 ones. The way the code works makes substitutions impossible.

The reason for this inflexibility lies in the nature of transfer RNA, which is a critical part of the process in which genetic information encoded in DNA is converted to specific sequences of amino acids making up proteins. The DNA sequence of genes is first transcribed (in a process that is actually rather complicated) into another form of RNA – messenger RNA. All forms of RNA consist of a sequence of nucleotides, with every 3 nucleotides grouped together into "words". Since there are 4 possible nucleotides, there are 64 (=43) possible distinct words.

In a molecule of transfer RNA, which typically comprises 73 to 93 nucleotides altogether, the three nucleotides at one end will match the sequence of one particular word of messenger RNA. The other end of the transfer RNA can bind to covalently to only one of 20 possible amino acids, completely ignoring any other amino acids. For any particular one of the 20 amino acids there are usually several different transfer RNAs that the amino acid can bind to, with each type corresponding to a specific 3-letter sequence of nucleotides. In this way there is a established a many-to-1 relationship between the 64 3-letter nucleotide words and the 20 amino acids. This is the genetic code.

The 20 amino acids can be considered as letters of another alphabet, in which sequences of letters (sometimes thousands of each) make up specific proteins. There are several interesting questions about this genetic code. Why are only 20 amino acids used, even though hundreds exist in nature? How did this small subset happen to be chosen – and be the same subset in all living organisms on Earth? If there is life on other planets that still encodes genetic information with DNA and RNA for making proteins, must the same 20 amino acids be used?

There is a range of possible answers to these questions. At one extreme, the subset of amino acids could have come about completely at random, perhaps being the first viable subset that emerged by chance and them became "frozen" in all successor life forms. At the other extreme, it could be that the amino acids actually used are the only ones that are able to build a suitable set of proteins. The intermediate case is that very early in the history of life many different subsets were in use, but in a process of evolution over time, the subset now used proved to be sufficiently superior to all others that it is the only one that survived in the conditions of the time.

Stephen Freeland and Gayle Philip performed a computer study to investigate whether the exact subset of 20 amino acids in the alphabet were more likely to be a completely random selection, or instead to represent a set that emerged as somehow the best suited for constituting the proteins of life on Earth. They reasoned that there were various properties any amino acid could have that would affect its suitability as a constituent of proteins. Among the properties were size and electric charge of the molecule, and the molecule's degree of attraction to water (hydrophilicity).

What they found was that the 20 amino acids actually occurring in proteins had a wide range of values for each of the properties, and that the range of properties was more evenly distributed over the subset than should occur if selection were random. In other words, the building blocks of proteins appear to be especially diverse in order to accommodate a large diversity of proteins that could be useful in living organisms. Thus evolution in the earliest stages of life on Earth probably favored the availability of many types of building blocks.

Abstract: Did evolution select a nonrandom "alphabet" of amino acids?

The last universal common ancestor of contemporary biology (LUCA) used a precise set of 20 amino acids as a standard alphabet with which to build genetically encoded protein polymers. Considerable evidence indicates that some of these amino acids were present through nonbiological syntheses prior to the origin of life, while the rest evolved as inventions of early metabolism. However, the same evidence indicates that many alternatives were also available, which highlights the question: what factors led biological evolution on our planet to define its standard alphabet? One possibility is that natural selection favored a set of amino acids that exhibits clear, nonrandom properties-a set of especially useful building blocks. However, previous analysis that tested whether the standard alphabet comprises amino acids with unusually high variance in size, charge, and hydrophobicity (properties that govern what protein structures and functions can be constructed) failed to clearly distinguish evolution's choice from a sample of randomly chosen alternatives. Here, we demonstrate unambiguous support for a refined hypothesis: that an optimal set of amino acids would spread evenly across a broad range of values for each fundamental property. Specifically, we show that the standard set of 20 amino acids represents the possible spectra of size, charge, and hydrophobicity more broadly and more evenly than can be explained by chance alone.

Naming Names

My friend expressed sheer shock when I revealed to her last night that I hadn't seen Tangled, stating that she couldn't believe it, as I'm the movie buff.
Guess I need to see Tangled now.

Trailer Trash: The Woman In Black

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's time to root through some trailers. What sorts of wonderful things will be alluded to today?

Continuing your career after staring in a huge hit is one thing. Continuing your career after being the title character in the biggest money grubbing franchise of all time is something else. But, that is exactly what Daniel Radcliffe is attempting to do with The Woman in Black, a project that could not be more different from that fantastical epic of wizards and magic.

As a first trailer goes, this one is aces. Very atmospheric and reeeeeeeally scary, The Woman in Black looks to be a more restrained and foreboding breed of horror movie. Then again, I just might think of that because all we hear in the trailer is weird violin noises and a creepy child reciting some limerick about the titular specter. But, for a little piece of advertisement to get me intrigued, this does the trick.

LAMBcast #79: Nick's 5-on-5

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In which Dylan, Nick, Dan, and Drunk Dan try a new thing. Nick had this pretty neat idea where we all come up with lists, but we make them whilst recording. It sounds a little weird. Just listen. I thought that, since this seemed to be in the realm of more fun LAMBcasts, I went for something pretty absurd for my list. I looked like a tool when everyone else came back with relatively blah lists. Oh well. I can't help being clever! Enjoy.

My Absence Has Been Noted...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

... but I'll be back at some point, you mark my words. This last few weeks of summer are hectic has hell, and this past weekend of drowning in the Rock God's love didn't help matters. Relax. I haven't forgotten you!

Reading Pictures: Text and Image in Contemporary Art

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Reading Pictures: Text and Image in Contemporary Art

25 August – 30 September 2011

Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery
Cohen Memorial Hall
1220 21st Avenue South
Nashville, Tennessee 37203

Reading Pictures examines the intersection of text and image in contemporary art through more than fifty examples drawn from the Fine Arts Gallery’s collections. While some works are associated with the modern tradition of concrete poetry, many use text as a means to linguistically “illustrate” accompanying images, or vice versa. Still others employ text either alone or in conjunction with images in order to trigger associations, thoughts, and memories within the viewer. Featured artists, some in collaboration with writers or in response to existing text, include Robert Barry, Harmen Brethouwer, John Cage with Calvin Sumsion, Enrique Chagoya, Thomas A. Clark, Thomas Joshua Cooper, Richard Devereux, Lesley Dill with Emily Dickinson, Jim Dine with Frank O'Hara, Chris Drury, Ian Hamilton Finlay with Janet Boulton and Cornelia Wieg, Hamish Fulton, Douglas Gordon, Barbara Kruger, Les Levine, Sol Lewitt with Paul Celan, Thomas Locher, Richard Long, Jill Mathis, Deborah Muirhead, Michael Peel, Alyson Shotz, Jack Werner Stauffacher with Albert Camus, Antoni Tàpies, Kees Verbeek, Hans Waanders, and Lawrence Weiner.

Reading Pictures is organized by the Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery and curated by Joseph S. Mella, director. Student research assistant, Ellington Griffin (B.A., Vanderbilt 2011). Reading Pictures is presented in conjunction with The Book as Art: Beautiful Books, organized by the Jean and Alexander Heard Libraries.

In this exhibition are several works on display which I published with Peninsula and October Foundation, a.o. Fulton, Long, Finlay, Waanders, Clark, Barry, Devereux, LeWitt, Gordon, Locher and the print of Lawrence Weiner on the poster


Saturday, August 13, 2011


1 Day...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Post from Peter Liversidge, USA IV

Another postcard from Peter Liversidge arrived today, 12 August 2011
One of the US stamps shows the painting by Sidney E. King of the First Battle of Bull Run, 1861 of the American Civil War.

Galerie Tschudi – Klein, Brouwn, Burkhard

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Martina Klein – 1994 / 2011

stanley brouwn

Balthasar Burkhard – Rio Negro

26 July – 3 September 2011

Galerie Tschudi
Chesa Madalena
Somvih 115
7524 Zuoz

Post from Peter Liversidge, USA III

3 pieces by Peter Liversidge from USA were delivered by mail in July 2011

Douglas Gordon – Silence in the Museum

Douglas Gordon – Silence in the Museum
Collection Lambert en Avignon
photographs PF, 2011

Richard Long – Drawings, Galerie Kamila Regent

Richard Long – Drawings

2 July – 30 September 2011

Galerie Kamila Regent
Rue de la Bourgade
84400 Saignon en Luberon

photographs by PF, 4 August 2011
bottom: postcard/invitation


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