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Trailer Trash: Les Miserables

Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's time to root through some trailers. What sorts of wonderful things will be alluded to today?


Being that I'm kind of a musical theater nut, this particular project has been of great interest to me over the last few months, and this trailer pretty much alleviates whatever doubts I had.

First off, Anne Hathaway crooning out "I Dreamed a Dream" is damn good. Sure, she doesn't have the world's best voice, but she is doing it with such emotion that I really could care less.

And the fact that such a musical talent as Hugh Jackman is playing Jean Valjean makes it almost guaranteed that the songs in this will sting as much as they did on the stage.

It's a great trailer, showing off plenty of the epicness that the story is known for, while also showing plenty of the quieter, human moments, which look great. Tom Hooper no doubt has a lot to do with that.

Can't wait. Can't wait. Can it be December already?

Sink It!

Monday, May 28, 2012

God damn you Transformers! Look what you've done! Since the first BIG movie of the summer has now come and gone, we are now forced to sit through the smaller, though still loud and garish, feats of escapism. Loud and garish are certainly words that come to mind when describing the first of those said movies, Battleship. Other words that come to mind are brainless, pointless, derivative, overly long, and generally awful. Of all the movies to be coming out this summer, this one, above all others, has no reason to exist, nor does it deserve to.

We are so fucked!

Scientists searching through the vast nethers of space discover a Goldilocks planet, one that has an atmosphere similar to Earth. Being that it can support life, these scientist, wisely, beam a signal to this planet, hoping for a response. Well, they get it alright. A welcoming party, or sorts, crashes to Earth and lands in the ocean surrounding the Hawaiian Islands. Unfortunately for anything human in the area, these visitors are looking for a bit more than Reese's Pieces and some acceptance. Their ships soon rise from the ocean and start wreaking havoc.

Coincidentally, this coincides with RIMPAC, a gathering of the Navy's from various Pacific Rim nations, including the US and Japan. Along for the ride is Alex Hopper, a gifted, but dumb as bricks, lieutenant on a US destroyer. He's only in the Navy because his brother, Stone, forced him to join to get him off the couch. He also just happens to be in love with Samantha, who just happens to be the daughter of the US Fleet Commander, Admiral Shane, who hates Alex. And Alex also just happens to be the guy who is tasked with taking on the the alien menace, so if only he can nut up and become the leader he is meant to be... OH DEAR GOD, WHO THE HELL CARES????!!!!????

Seriously! Name a single element of this thing that hasn't been done in countless other films! Just one! I'll wait!
Can't do it, can you? That's because Battleship is one the most hopeless derivative movies to come out in awhile. Forget how there is next to nothing tying this thing into the product it is supposedly based off of. This movie is trying so hard to ape the likes of Transformers, Battle: Los Angeles, and any of the countless, military loving, explosion filled, jingoism fueled excesses of light, sound, and flame. You get the heroes walking dramatically, and you're not even sure if it's in slow motion. You get the big tracking shots of untold amounts of destruction. And you get a central female character, and all you can hope to wonder about her is what she would look like without a shirt.

Allow me to rephrase. God damn you Michael Bay!

And all that would be fine, but the performances here range from bad to even worse than you would expect from a movie like this. As Alex, Taylor Kitsch is merely passable, displaying some sort of comedic timing and decent line delivery. This is in direct contrast to Alexander Skarsgård, who is unfathomably awful as Alex's brother, Stone. Skarsgård is great as Eric on True Blood because he's cool as ice and never really loses his cool. He is the exact opposite here, completely over the top and stupidly dramatic!

Rihanna makes her screen debut as the Michelle Rodriguez archetype, but as an actress she makes a pretty good singer. Brooklyn Decker is the girlfriend, and she has huge breasts. Seriously, that is the only thing that is memorable about her character. And Liam Neeson is the crotchety old Admiral Shane, because he was Oskar Schindler and Michael Collins and Alfred Kinsey so he can do all the idiotic action movies he wants and you can't say shit about it!

Looks like she could use an umbrella ella ella ella

This really is a very weird movie for director Peter Berg to be making. Though he does specialize in big action, most of his movies, from Friday Night Lights to The Kingdom, have some sort of a brain. Ok, Hancock was an all out travesty, but at least it tried something interesting. But Berg just cannot salvage this thing. Battleship is far too stupid and far too big for Berg's sensibilities. He has gone on record about trying to portray the Navy in a way that they haven't been on screen before. He is clearly trying here, making an effort to think. I'm sorry, but when your product is trying so shamelessly to ape Transformers, thinking probably isn't what you should be doing. And it's not like Berg can't do pop entertainment well. He made one of the best, dopiest action movies of the last decade with The Rundown. 

Really, it's not all his fault. The script by Erich and Jon Hoeber is mired in cliché. You know instantly what is going to happen 20 minutes before it does. And dear god, does it meander. It takes, like, thirty minutes for the aliens to actually show up, another 15 before a single shot is fired, and another hour and thirty before it all wraps up in a hurried climax. Couple that with some atrocious dialogue, some questionable effects, and some of the ugliest alien design I've seen, and there's barely anything to recommend here.

But then it gets into act three. The first two acts are awful, and a good amount of that has to do with the fact that they take themselves way too seriously. There's no attempt at self-parody or humor; it's all just shouting and meaningful speeches. And then act three rolls around, and the movie switches gears completely. It completely ditches the seriousness and goes for flat out absurd.

Picture this...

A group of WWII veterans convert a museum battleship back into its combat ready state. They then help crew it and deliver some serious pain on the extra-terrestrial encroachers. A group of men epically carry a thousand pound explosive round down a hallway, roaring like beasts all the while. And then, I shit you not, a double amputee punches an alien in the face. I wish I was making that up. Will Smith proved that punching an alien in the face is always awesome, so I guess the only way you could make it more awesome is if you threw in some missing limbs.

The third act is what I wanted from the whole movie. It was crazy, over the top, and didn't take itself seriously at all. But most of all, it was sort of fun. A movie like this needs to be fun above all things, and the final third sort of was. But it's far too little, far too late. Battleship is one deplorable piece of work. It's trying so hard to copy the Transformers formula without first recognizing that which made Transformers special in the first place, that being... wait, hold on. What the hell am I saying?

Play Resumes...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

... tomorrow.

I do apologize. But you try finding time to write posts when you have to review over 300 years of theater history, and then write a 10+ page paper on Nietzsche, Steiner, tragedy, the Greek Chorus, and so on.

I've also been busy rolling in #goldswagger, butting heads with a few tornadoes, and suffering from a severe withdrawal of irony while driving across the country with my dad. Gotta get my car registered in California. Fun times!

M101: A Pinwheel in Many Colors

Saturday, May 26, 2012

M101: A Pinwheel in Many Colors (5/24/12)
This image of the Pinwheel Galaxy, or also known as M101, combines data in the infrared, visible, ultraviolet and X-rays from four of NASA's space-based telescopes. This multi-spectral view shows that both young and old stars are evenly distributed along M101's tightly-wound spiral arms. Such composite images allow astronomers to see how features in one part of the spectrum match up with those seen in other parts. It is like seeing with a regular camera, an ultraviolet camera, night-vision goggles and X-ray vision, all at the same time.

The Pinwheel Galaxy is in the constellation of Ursa Major (also known as the Big Dipper). It is about 70% larger than our own Milky Way Galaxy, with a diameter of about 170,000 light years, and sits at a distance of 21 million light years from Earth.

M101 – click for 1200×1200 image

Joel Fisher – Farideh Cadot Associés, Paris

Persons: 'Self' Portraits – The Abiguity of Identity

The question “Who Am I ?” is not one we can answer entirely on our own.  The perceptions of others mix with our own belief in who we are to create our persona.  The roles we must assume in order to relate to different people rearrange significant aspects of ourselves, at least during key moments and perhaps for ever. Identity shifts from moment to moment.

The sense of self is always more than our a physical presence. Even boundaries of resemblance are not exempt. Identity is always surrounded by ambiguity. Despite this, integrity demands a static identity.  It is no wonder that we find questions of identity at the very heart of all of the most intransigent political, educational and spiritual debates.

In this exhibition are ten portrait heads. These‘self’-portraits are self to the extent that some trace of me put the process into motion. Ten drawing sequences started with someone’s drawing of my head.  I take this portrait drawing as a “seed” drawing and give it to a volunteer to look at for three minutes.  After the drawing is taken away that person draws the shape as accurately as possible from memory.  The resulting memory drawing serves as the ‘seed’ for the next participant who repeats the process.   As the sequence continues, each step is filtered through yet another person’s memory.  Step by step something new happens. New shapes come into existence inadvertently. No single individual could have foreseen or invented these forms. The structure enables an opening into these forms. 

The initial portrait drawing invents an image based on my head, transforming it into two dimensions.  My head is not exactly an image. The papier maché objects bring that image back into three dimensions and at this point my head is an image.

I believe that one of the roles of these objects is to condition a momentary pause in the midst of an otherwise continuous flow.  For me they function something like a form of punctuation but perhaps more importantly, they create a moment of access.

Joel Fisher

Roger Ackling – Galerie Inga Kondeyne, Berlin

Friday, May 25, 2012

Roger Ackling
20 April – 29 May 2012

Galerie Inga Kondeyne
Carmerstrasse 10 (am Savignyplatz)
10623 Berlin

Peter Liversidge – 22 & 24 May 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Peter Liversidge – object from the Isle of Tiree, posted in London on 22 May and received in Eindhoven on 24 May 2012

Peter Liversidge – 24 May 2012

Peter Liversidge –  Mail object from the beach of the Isle of Tiree, Scotland, received with the post of 24 May 2012

Peter Liversidge – 3 objects from Tiree

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Peter Liversidge – 3 Mail objects from the beach of the Isle of Tiree, Scotland. Received with the post on 20, 21 and 23 May 2012

A Spiral Within a Spiral

A Spiral Within a Spiral (5/21/12)
The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope captured this image of the spiral galaxy known as ESO 498-G5. One interesting feature of this galaxy is that its spiral arms wind all the way into the centre, so that ESO 498-G5's core looks like a bit like a miniature spiral galaxy. This sort of structure is in contrast to the elliptical star-filled centres (or bulges) of many other spiral galaxies, which instead appear as glowing masses, as in the case of NGC 6384.

ESO 498-G5 – click for 1280×669 image

Peter Liversidge – To the Postoffice

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Peter Liversidge on his way to the postoffice, London, on 16, 17 and 18 May 2012
photographs by Peter Liversidge

Peter Liversidge, Ingleby Gallery Stand Hong Kong Art Fair

Peter LiversidgeEverything is Connected, 2012
text constructed with lightbulbs

Stand Ingleby Gallery at
ART HK 12, Hong Kong International Art Fair
17  20 May 2012
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Peter Liversidge – 3 Trawl Net Ball pieces

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Received these 3 mailed pieces of Trawl Net Balls from the Isle of Tiree, Scotland, from Peter Liversidge, 11-12 May 2012

Trailer Trash: Gangster Squad

Friday, May 11, 2012

It's time to root through some trailers. What sorts of wonderful things will be alluded to today?

One of my most anticipated of the year has finally beached, and is ready to be analyzed.

And, yeah, it seems a lot of my fears came to fruition.

First off, it seems director Reuben Fleischer is bringing in that slo-mo thing with the action that he used to decent effect on Zombieland and 30 Seconds or Less. Personally, I think said slo-mo will not work at all here. It's completely wrong for the subject matter and tone that this movie is going for. This trailer really sells this thing as a full bore action movie, which is not what I was hoping for.

Also, the lines of dialogue they choose to highlight here are AWFUL!!! Absolutely terrible.

"No ma'am. I was just hoping to take you to bed."

Are you kidding me? The fact that a tomcat like Ryan Gosling is the one uttering that line makes it only marginally better.

Like, what is being done to differentiate this movie from The Untouchables? It seems like the exact same movie. Granted, I still have hopes. The cast is way too good for a rote clone of that particular slice of gangster paradise. But I am far more wary now.

Shameless: 2012 Lammy FYC

Thursday, May 10, 2012

It is that time of year. The Lammys have begun!

I know I haven't been writing as much since last year's awards, and for that, I have no real excuse. Work really piled up for this year, and I had some trouble motivating myself to write things when I did find some free time.

That being said, I do believe that what I wrote was universally excellent, and award worthy.

So, with that, I'd like to offer my two cents on some things I think y'all should be aware of.

Best Blog: I have no expectations when it comes to this award. Just to be nominated would be a victory in my eyes.

Best Blog Name: Well, this award doesn't exist anymore, but I just like to point it out. It has a nice ring to it, yes?

Best Reviewer: I'll let the reviews speak for themselves. The Avengers, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Sucker Punch

Funniest Writer: I mean, I think I'm funny.

Best Ratings System: See that sexy sidebar over there.

Best Festival Coverage: This is the big one. It's the only award in which I have any hope of winning. I'm am extremely proud of the Sundance coverage I provided this year. It was a fantastic experience, I saw a crap ton of eclectic movies, and I really hope I can go back. And like a certain, far more talented LAMB, I had a surreal moment with a certain actor that I really dig.

Best Blog-A-Thon: It's not really a Blog-A-Thon, but I'm still pretty proud of my 10 day retrospect of all things 2011.

What I'm saying here is not meant to sway you in any way. More than anything, I want you to vote for the sites you think are most deserving. There are so many blogs out there, that, like I said, even to be nominated is a victory for me. I hope you consider me when you cast your nominations. Cheers all. Happy Lammys.

herman de vries – from earth

herman de vries
from earth: rustrel, collected by peter foolen, 2012
earth rubbing on paper, 10,3 x 14,4 cm

Peter Liversidge – Mail Piece 10 May 2012

received another Mail Piece by Peter Liversidge this morning, delivered by a jolly Postman.
Stamps, acrylic and labels on wood, 43,5 x 21,5 x 2,5 cm

Peter Liversidge – Old Furniture Mail Piece

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Postman delivered today, 9 May 2012, this part of old furniture. It has 51 British Mail stamps and the size 42 x 46 x 4 cm. The postman was laughing and asked me what's the use is of this thing

Beautifully Assembled

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

As you are no doubt aware, I make my judgement of how any particular summer at the movies will be, quality wise, based on how well the first BIG movie is. Last year, the Marvel train was in full force, kicking things off with Thor, which I loved. And luckily, my prediction was right on the money. Summer 2011 was a great season, but if my prediction now is accurate, then it will in no way touch this summer. Let me just get it out of the way right now. I am expecting great things from Prometheus, cannot wait for Brave, am stoked for Ted and for GI Joe, and, of course, am anticipating the hell out of The Dark Knight Rises. But if any of those films can beat The Avengers for my number 1, then I will be floored. What Marvel studios, along with writer/director Joss Whedon have done is truly marvelous, a triumph of character mixed with spectacle mixed with humor mixed with emotion mixed with action. After five films and tons and tons of teases and build up, the wait is over. The Avengers have assembled, and they defy every expectation there was or could have been.

Tony Stark/Iron Man is busy inventing new, energy saving technology. Bruce Banner/The Hulk is living an isolated existence in India, continuing to repress the "other guy". Thor is still in Asgard, watching over Earth as its protector. Steve Rodgers/Captain America is attempting to adjust to the culture shock of being woken up after seventy years. Neither of these men give the other a second thought, until Loki returns and prepares to unleash hell on earth. The demigod steals The Tesseract, the cube that Rodgers fought the Red Skull over in WWII, which has been in the hands of S.H.E.I.L.D. ever since. Loki intends to use its power to summon an army of aliens to Earth, with the intention of conquering the planet. To combat this new threat, Nick Fury reactivates The Avengers Initiative, bringing Stark, Banner, Rodgers, and Thor together as a team for the first time. Egos clash, bonds are tested, but soon, these men realize the seriousness of their mission, and unite to stop Loki before he forces all of humanity to its knees.

The plot here is merely a means to an end. There is so much being shoved into one movie, and so much that could have gone wrong, that a convoluted and complex story would have hindered the film rather than helping it. But fear not. Though it's not the most interesting of set ups, you won't notice, because The Avengers has an absolutely fabulous screenplay, full of fantastic characters and superb dialogue. And though some pretty serious stuff goes down, the film never takes itself too seriously, always inserting a joke or funny line to ensure that things never get too dark. However, and this is the truly marvelous thing about the script, all those jokes and zingers never, not once, detract from the character moments or arcs. Where most comic book movies not directed by Christopher Nolan focus on the action and only put menial effort into the characterization, The Avengers realizes the simple truth that all the explosions and screaming in the world means nothing if you don't care about who is screaming. And you'll care here. You'll absolutely care.

All the people we've been introduced to over the last few years return, and are all given moments to shine. Robert Downey Jr. is better than ever as Stark, always ready to drop a sarcastic line or spew some condescending rhetoric, but he displays even more humanity in this one. He really has grown as a character since Iron Man, and this version of Stark is the most interesting, still kind of a dick, but one who has fully embraced his responsibilities as a super hero.

Downey Jr.'s wit and sarcasm is balanced out perfectly by Chris Evans' Rodgers. I thought Evans was better than the material he was given in Captain America, and he is even more impressive here now that the script and characterization are up to the task. You can really tell that the confusion brought on by suddenly waking up in a new decade, with everything and everyone he knew gone, is weighing down on him as he boldly and stubbornly charges forward into the fray. He's just as morally steadfast and firm as we remember, leading to some heated exchanges between him and Stark.

Chris Hemsworth returns to his over the top, Shakespeare-esque antics as Thor, who, unlike the rest of the team, is in this fight for personal reasons. Hemsworth brings plenty of conflict to the table, as he's not really there to fight Loki, just to take him back to Asgard so he can stand trial. Hemsworth was fantastic in Thor, and he's just as good here, offering plenty of humor and ridiculousness, while simultaneously giving plenty of heart.

Mark Ruffalo is the new guy, taking over for Edward Norton as Bruce Banner, and he almost steals the show. No one has really gotten The Hulk on screen yet, but Ruffalo nails it, perfectly embodying the fear and suspense that comes with playing a ticking time bomb. He's also the first person who has actually gotten to play The Hulk in all his green glory on screen, thanks to some impressive motion capture.

Scarlett Johansson returns as Black Widow in a much expanded role. Whedon is clearly having great fun with her, as he has always championed strong female characters. Whereas she was nothing more than eye candy in Iron Man 2, she really is given a lot to do here, and ScarJo performs beautifully. Jeremy Renner is promoted to full on cast member here as Clint Barton/Hawkeye, following his brief but sweet cameo in Thor. His is probably the simplest character. He's not given much to do, and, in fact, spends much of the movie as a mindless henchmen. But when he is given something to chew on, Renner does not disappoint. And Samuel L. Jackson, naturally, returns as Nick Fury, and he's just as badass as you remember.

Special mention to Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson. That man is a god!

But the guy you'll all remember at the end of the day is villain. Tom Hiddleston as Loki is flat out amazing. Loki here is very different than Loki in Thor. You can tell from the second he steps on screen, as he flashes one of the creepiest smiles ever, that he has been through some shit and is full bore evil now. And even though he wields untold amounts of power and has control of an army capable of leveling New York, his true villainy shines through when he starts to get into everyone's head, causing them to doubt themselves, and testing the limits of their partnership. Hiddleston is having a grand old time, and instantly rockets into the higher echelon of screen villains.

Everyone here deserves praise for their work, but the real star is director Joss Whedon. There is not enough credit in the world with which to give him. Everything about The Avengers just works so well by itself and in tandem with everything else. No one working in Hollywood today knows how to handle the idiosyncrasies of a team or making relatable, yet fantastical characters better than Whedon, and he pools every little bit of talent into this. We'll get to action in a minute, but let's focus on the thing that Whedon does best of all, the talking. Whedon knows how to make fast, fluid, dialogue that is fun to listen to, but is always driving the plot forward. To hear Stark and Banner banter as they work in the lab, or Coulson get starstruck by Rodgers, or Loki taunting Black Widow about her inability to save Barton; it's all a pleasure because Whedon's writing is so good. The fact that he is willing to step back and let his characters talk is something sorely lacking in these types of films; as I said, it's so much scarier when the villain can sow chaos using his words instead of his fists. And don't worry. There are still plenty of the trademark, Whedon jokes. Seriously, there are some really hilarious moments in this film.

I would say that the moments of talking are the most enjoyable part of the movie, but the action is too good. I'm sorry, but this is easily some of the best action I've ever seen on screen. Though the first few set pieces are nothing major (there's the tense opening sequence, and the crazy ass fight between Thor and Iron Man), the two big action scenes are truly marvelous. Well shot, inventive, and always exciting, once the action gets going, it never fails to impress. Until the final battle, the team doesn't really work together all that much, sometimes even fighting each other. But when they finally put aside their differences and become one unit, it's one of the biggest "FUCK YEAH" moments you will ever see. The highlight comes at the halfway point in the finale, which consists of one, super long shot through the war torn streets of New York as every member of the team effortlessly uses their powers in tandem with everybody else's to become an unstoppable juggernaut. Moment after moment after moment had me in a state of slack jawed amazement, so that when the battle is finally over, you are just as exhausted as they are.

Every member is given a moment to shine in the finale, from Thor using the Chrysler building as a super conductor to conjure up a devastating lighting storm, to Hawkeye pulling off some mind boggling archery moves, to Iron Man and Captain America coming up with an amazing way of combining their powers, but it's The Hulk who steals the show here. I don't want to give anything away. Just be prepared to cheer your ass off.

You really get the sense that there is a war on, despite the fact that the battle focuses on six people. The camera will slowly sweep across the destroyed streets and wave after wave of enemy come charging at them. It's not like they go in, kill a few guys, beat down the big bad, and then they are done. Oh no. The finale goes on and on as the team struggle to reach their goal, and are continuously beat back. And this brings me to the thing I find most wonderful about The Avengers. It is only 142 minutes long, an average length for an event movie like this. But it feels longer. It feels much longer. And I in no way mean that as a nitpick. In fact, it's a complement. It's so epic, but so well done, that I didn't want to leave the movie. I wanted it to keep going, to see how Whedon would wow us next.

Marvel, Whedon, and everyone else involved with this project deserve a thunderous applause. What started as a mere easter egg in Iron Man has grown into a full on game change for the world of movies. Every installment in this odyssey stood out in some way, but The Avengers is the true achievement. A film that nails every element of its being, it singlehandedly sets the new standard for comic book movies. Step aside Batman. There's a new champion in town!


In Other News: Unprecedented Amounts of Bank

Monday, May 7, 2012

Marvel is gonna be partying it up tonight!!!


The Avengers has claimed to prize of biggest opening weekend ever. And not by any small margin either. You know how Deathly Hallows: Part 2 barely squeezed past The Dark Knight by a measly 11 million? Yeah, The Avengers soared past that by about 30 million, taking in a staggering 200 million over the weekend.

Whatever voodoo magic dark energy tesseract fueled machine Marvel is running over there is one to be very wary of. I'm not going to speak on the quality of the film right now. (In short: a triumph of character, effects, action, humor, and emotion.) But God Damn, I don't think anyone saw this one coming.

The marketing has really been clever on this one, hasn't it. I mean, no one else has employed the tactics Marvel has used to take over the world, but I'm getting the feeling that we're going to see a lot more of it. Methinks a Justice League franchise is now being feverishly green lit over at DC.

A lot of people were no doubt betting that The Dark Knight Rises would be the champion of this summer. And I bet all of those people are just as stunned as I am. If TDKR can top this haul in its opening weekend, then... I don't know. Guess the world really will end after all.

Well played Marvel. Well played indeed!

Esther and Gerben Kokmeijer – Ode

Esther and Gerben Kokmeijer – Ode
12 May – 24 June 2012

Weststraat 18
Burgh Haamstede
The Netherlands

Cecilia Vissers at Corona Unger, Bremen

Kabinettausstellung Die dritte Dimension
Ekkehard Neumann, Fritz Meyer-Roland, Tom Mosley and Cecilia Vissers
12 May – 24 June 2012

Galerie Kunstkabinett Corona Unger
Georg-Gröning-Strasse 14
D – 28209 Bremen

image Cecilia Vissers – Four Centuries Black II, 2011
steel, 4 pieces, each 45 x 27 x 0,8 cm (photograph Peter Cox)

Trailer Trash: The Dark Knight Rises

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's time to root through some trailers. What's sorts of wonderful things will be alluded to today?

It's rare that I do Trailer Trash two days in a row, but this is a special occasion.

Basically, it all makes sense. It all just clicked for me, what Christopher Nolan is trying to accomplish, what he is trying to say, why he chose that title. And, believe me when I say, he has already succeeded with this trailer alone. What we have here in these 2 minutes is one of the most intimate portrayals of a man, tired and at the end of his line, doing everything he can to be the hero the people deserve.

Bear in mind, that I'm talking about a trailer here, not the actual movie. If this is what the trailer provides us, then I can't wait to see what the full thing has in store.

Couple that with some jaw dropping imagery (the bridge explosion, anyone?), the fact that our perceptions of JoGo as a minor character seem completely off the mark, and some juicy shots of that quintessential, gritty, Nolan violence?

I didn't think I could anticipate this movie anymore, but I can. I can.


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